Contribute to the protection of sea turtles

We Spot Turtles! is a citizen science project aimed at protecting sea turtles. With our mobile application, you can contribute to the collection of data on sea turtles and help in their conservation efforts.

A sea turtle and jellyfish in the ocean representing the main theme of the project: the monitoring and protection of sea turtles.


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Sea Turtles




The dream team

The portrait of our co-founder Caitlin McKeown



"I have always had a deep passion for wildlife conservation and that, coupled with an innovative idea, is what sparked inspiration for We Spot Turtles!".

The portrait of our co-founder Nicolas Guillot



"A passion for computer science and development, coupled with an enlightening volunteer experience with "Te Mana O Te Moana", a sea turtle conservation organization, has given birth to the project We Spot Turtles!"

Our objective

Empowering conservation efforts through technology

At We Spot Turtles!, our mission is to protect sea turtles through innovative technology. By utilizing advanced tools like Machine Learning and geolocation, we streamline monitoring and research efforts.

Through crowd-sourced data, we identify conservation priorities and implement targeted initiatives. Join us in our commitment to safeguard these magnificent creatures and preserve our marine ecosystems.

A target surrounded by corals in the ocean representing the paragraph on the project's objective.
A book with turtles surrounded by corals in the ocean representing the paragraph on the project's history.

Our story

Our story begins with a deep passion for the preservation and protection of marine turtles.

For Nicolas, it all began after completing an eco-volunteering mission with Planète Urgence and the association Te Mana O Te Moana on the Tetiaroa atoll in French Polynesia. The mission involved conducting daytime and nighttime monitoring at a sea turtle nesting site, including DNA sampling, taking photos, and geolocating the nests.

After transitioning into mobile app development, Nicolas felt inspired to use his newfound skills to support those working towards sea turtle conservation.

Caitlin has a deep-rooted connection with the marine environment from growing up on the coast of Western Australia and has always been passionate about marine conservation. However, after undertaking sea turtle monitoring for the government in 2020, a specific passion for sea turtle protection was formed. The more research she conducted, the more she discovered the crucial need for data to better understand and conserve these beautiful creatures.

Motivated to make a difference, Caitlin envisioned an innovative solution to bridge the knowledge gap through technology. She conceptualised an app designed to educate the public on respectful and non-intrusive ways to observe sea turtles and then expanded her vision to encourage users to actively contribute to conservation efforts in a non-invasive manner.

Nicolas and Caitlin's paths crossed in early 2023, when Caitlin ran a kickstarter campaign to raise money for software development. Given Nicolas' niche skills and drive, they decided to join forces to bring We Spot Turtles! to life!

The project

Technology serving the ocean

By using the mobile application, you share your observations with scientists and contribute to a better understanding and protection of sea turtles

Download our free We Spot Turtles! application on your smartphone.

Contribute as a citizen to the gathering of information

With the mobile application, you can share your photos, geolocation, date, and time of the observation, and provide more information about the activity and species of the observed turtle.

Participate in scientific projects

Your observations will only be visible to associations and government organizations involved in the conservation of sea turtles. This will help them understand species behavior, assess population numbers, and implement solutions for their protection.

Download app

As associations or government organizations involved in the conservation of sea turtles, you have access to all observations.

Visualize the observations on a map

Access a map to view, sort, and filter the observations. Select a particular species, for example, and observe its concentration or movements.

Unlock the data

If you are an NGO, government organization, or have a connection to the protection of sea turtles and wish to access the data, please contact us to receive a username and password for login.

A turtle with a circle of people around it on the left, and a graph with a turtle on the right, representing citizen participation and analysis of project observations.

Download app

Download our mobile application


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Mobile App

Discover the features

Explore the possibilities with our mobile application!

A mobile application screen representing the filter and sorting functionality of observations.


Allow the application to geolocate you accurately to provide the exact location of the observed turtle, or manually edit this information


Using the application or manually, indicate the date and time of your observation


Select the species of the observed turtle and learn how to recognize them

Sort and filter

After multiple observations, you will be able to filter by species and sort by observation date

Language switcher

Select your preferred language to learn everything about marine turtles


While diving or hiking, maintaining a respectful distance, provide photos to the application

Key features in detail

Main screen with a sea turtle marker in the Galapagos islands.


Take advantage of your excursions to observe and identify the sea turtles encountered.

Sea turtle details screen, with a Green Turtle, is scientific name, informations and status of conservation.


Learn more about sea turtles with detailed fact sheets for each species.

Switching languages features screen.


Navigate through the application in your preferred language. If your language is not available, please contact us.


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